The need to elevate the role of your employees

Our research highlights the three main zones that you need to address to provide the best experience for your workers Engagement, Empowerment and Fulfillment.

Reflecting your values through workplace design

How do you drive engagement, empowerment and fulfillment? Engagement is typically fostered through strong leadership

Workplaces becoming more human

The most resilient employers will—like the most resilient species in a natural ecosystem—be the most adaptable.

Omni is the light of your work
who ever follows will enjoy your working.

Who we are?
We are Omni Founded is 2000, Omni has been a pioneer in ergonomics and is now a global manufacturer of products that create workplace well-being.
We are located Yangzhou, near Shanghai in China, and specialize in producing a wide variety of office solutions that are OEM compatible. Omni provides a full exporting service to our customers guaranteeing accurate and on time international deliveries.
We create products to make life better.

What we value?
It's easy to make a product that looks great.
It's not so easy to make one that still looks good after years of heavy use.
At Omni, we believe that the best designs in the world are based on customer purpose and function. If the design solves these simply and elegantly, the resulting form will be timeless and relevant across cultures.

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