Do you need to build quickly & cleanly due to special needed?

Quick, Clean, Modular

Whether you need to create a temporary hospital in a convention center or convert rooms into airborne infection isolation rooms, omni modular Ecospace systems are an ideal solution for quickly creating temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent rooms within hospitals, assisted living facilities and other medical centers.

Designed For Flexibility

The flexibility of the Ecopsace system is a result of its lock and panel design, which allows for easy expansion or modifications if and when future business needs change.

We offer a variety of standard and custom panel options ranging that can easily integrate with the Ecopsace system, depending on your specific application or requirements.

Proven in healthcare facilities

In times of crisis, we know that speed and availability are often the most critical elements when selecting office and healthy materials. However, we know that you still want to work with reputable suppliers that understand your needs.

Please know that if you work with omni-china and omnimax-USA, you will be working with a leading supplier of specific experience in supplying panel divider rooms (UL1286) for decades.

“Quick-Ship” program that we can use to effectively meet the immediate needs for temporary needed.

Let us assist with the design and supply of Ecospace system for your needs.