Linker Wall

Now partition/screens provide effective separation in your workspaces with out affecting the brightness of your offices. Give free rein to your imagination by modulating your spaces. 

While omni offer the Linker Wall system which is light and flexible, transparent, translucent or opaque and printable.‎ 

 Technical and practical advantages

 Material:Transparent, translucent or opaque printable acrylic, and PC, whiteboard.

 Ecology:Low carbon footprint

 Practicality and flexibility: Quick and easy self-installation


• No risk of the partition falling down or the need for extra floor space

• Modular

• Cleanable and disinfectable

• Performance:waterproof film

Arrange your partition/screens  according to your desires and improve the acoustic,different standard sizes that can be used vertically or horizontally.‎The aluminium frame can be matt black, matt white or other finishes on request.‎ The feet are made of steel,on wheels also allow you to arrange your work or confinement spaces.They are very easy to move by sliding them.