Modular Panel System (AO2)

Our Modular Panel System's timeless design easily adapts to changing work environments. 
From open plan concepts to smaller collaborative work stations or privacy options, designers will enjoy the flexibility and variety of the Modular Panel System. 
We have what you need for any project!


-Panel widths ranging from 12″-60″w
-Panel heights ranging from 32″-85″h with Modular Wall options up to 107″h
-Segmented Glass, Fabric and Marker Board Stacker Options
-Monolithic Fabric, Fabric Trackable and Acoustic Options
-Corrugated, honeycombed paperboard core
-Compatible with our Metal Tile System and Desking System
-Compatible with our Mullions for extra privacy or aesthetics
-Structural panel is UL listed and has a Class A fire rating for both flames spread and smoke development
-Powered panel has a factory installed electrical harness that distribute double-sided, 4 circuit power within a cable management raceway


Modular Wall/Private Office/Open Plan/Desk Height adjustable Tables/Reception Solutions