Modular Tile System (MP)

Our Tile System provides an adaptable, affordable office system built from interchangeable components.
Employing the original open-plan concept, create a designer look at a budget price with our Tile System. This design is engineered to save space and adapt by using interchangeable components. We have developed a true tile system to integrate with the AO2 Panel System. True stacking along with glass, open frame tiles, acoustical and perforated tiles.


- Panel widths ranging from 12″
-60″w- Panel heights ranging from 32″
-85″h with Modular Wall options up to 107″h
- Segmented Glass, Fabric and Marker Board Stacker Options- Monolithic Fabric, Fabric Trackable and Whiteboard options.
- Compatible with our Wooden System and Desking System
- Structural panel is UL listed and has a Class A fire rating for both flames spread and smoke development - Powered panel has a factory installed electrical harness that distribute double-sided, 4 circuit power within a cable management raceway


Modular Wall/Private Office/Open Plan/Desk Height adjustable Tables/Reception Solutions