Moveable Office

When dealers and interior designers begin working with omni, the first thing they comment on is our service. Our designers to create a 3D layout of a customer’s ideal space in record time. Our solutions ship in 25-30 business days or less.We also know the industry. We’ve been building functional furniture for over 20 years. We’re located in Jiangsu, Yangzhou. Our efficient manufacturing process translates into affordable, high-quality furniture for your customers and increased profit margins for you.When sourcing our products, choose from a full product line of desks, conference tables, reception areas, office systems, storage, worksurfaces and accessories like power,

keyboards—all customized. Whether you are outfitting a space for one or 1,000 employees, we'll help you create a functional space for your customer quickly and easily. Contact us with any questions or to request more information.


OMW panels are available with a fabric covered hard surface, trackable and acoustical, laminate, white board, and glazed options - including clear, frosted and smoked. It also comes in paint finishes that match or are compatible with Steelcase® colors. Standard finishes include: BU (Black Umber), HF (Innertone Light), MT (Medium Tone), WD (White Wonder), MS (Metallic Silver). Special finishes also available.

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Our portfolio contains options for manager rooms, training rooms, collaboration areas and break rooms. Contact us today to find your best solution

Form meets function.

Panels set the tone for an office’s interior design while giving stability

and support to the overall system. Our high-quality modular partitions

and divider systems provide maximum flexibility in function and

design, at refreshingly affordable prices.